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Read it and Weep

Jul 29, 2011

Three out of four podcasters agree: this is the best book they've read on this show. Take a badass female lead, and place her in a futuristic dystopia with equal parts Miss Congeniality and Battle Royale. The result is totally enjoyable. Alex is reserving judgment until the end of the book, but we might be giving out...

Jul 20, 2011

Do you like robots smashing into each other for 2.5 hours? You're going to love Transformers 3. Do you like a comprehendible plot, likeable leads, and anything that isn't robots smashing into each other for 2.5 hours? You're going hate Transformers 3.

We're not in None-More-Worse-Territory, but we might be...

Jul 14, 2011

The Family Man! National Treasure 2! Season of the Witch!

Welcome to the First Annual Nicolas Cage Film Festival. We are here to celebrate the man who can go from deadpan to rage to maniacal laughter in just under five seconds. We have a lot of love for this fearless actor.

Join us as we go Inside the Actor's Studio,...

Jul 7, 2011

If you like your teen wolves shirtless, your controversial weddings sparkly, and your sex punchy, oh man, do we have a trailer for you.

Start playing the video at 0:22 seconds into the bonus for the best sync.

Also, did someone mention a lazy cat?