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Read it and Weep

Sep 29, 2010

Two! Four! Six! Eight! What's a show we really hate? Hellcats! Hellcats! Gooooooo to Hellcats!

After a stirring motivational speech from Alex, we take to the Internet waves ready to become champions. With the podcast championship approaching and our star guest sidelined by an injury, we're forced to make fun of Hellcats...

Sep 22, 2010

MTV airlifted the cast of Jersey Shore to a new home in Miami and our team is there to cover it. Unfortunately, confusion is our most common emotion. Do we love this show or hate it? Are these people awesome or lame? Who smushed Vinnie's bread? To deal with these and other questions, we trade in our usual Hates for

Sep 16, 2010

Our intrepid heroes pack up all their clubbing shirts and their hair gel, and head down to the Jersey Shore. Fortunately for them (since they had to watch 9 hours of it), it turns out to be the good kind of bad. Rather than hating it, they decide to give out awards to the cast of Jersey shore for categories like

Sep 10, 2010

Several fans asked to get this song as a separate file and full lyrics. Unlike Space Shark, I live to serve. -Alex (aka MC 'e')

------ Singing / Yelling -----
Space Shark! Space Shark!

Space Shark! Space Shark!

He’s a friend to all and a ruthless killer.  Space Shark!

He’s a sci-fi action comic thriller. Space...

Sep 8, 2010

The finale of Glenn Beck's book has it all- electrocution, nuclear suicides, a Natalie Portman doppelganger... pretty much everything but logic.

Episode highlights:

  • Space Shark's theme song!
  • More things Glenn Beck doesn't understand.
  • The writer's workshop with Glenn Beck!
  • Ezra and Stephen's dueling Audible...