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Read it and Weep

Jan 29, 2020

Condescending Class is back in session as the boys learn about Ang Lee, Wuxia epics, and whether or not it's physically possible to die. Join us next week to talk about whether or not the Oscars matter (they don't.)

Hunter recommends the "Wuxia Ashes of Time"

Ezra suggest "Shaolin Soccer" and "Kung Fu Hustle"

Jan 22, 2020

Slightly Condescending Film School returns with a brief lesson on the French New Wave. It's confusing enough that we have to constantly ask, is this the style or just a French thing?

Jan 16, 2020

We're back! Kicking off a brand new season of Read it and Weep. We're calling the 3rd season "Back To School". Trying to understand pop culture has always been a mission of the show but now we're making it more explicit.

And our first theme of Back To School is learning a bit more about film. I know, it's overdue. For...