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Read it and Weep

Feb 27, 2014

We finally slayed our white whale! Or caught up with it and cried. Whatever. We finally read Modelland by Tyra Banks. It happened.

And what a happening it was. Modelland is a model's fever dream, a crazy word-salad about a magical place where modeling is the only important thing and everything is spelled stupidly. The...

Feb 20, 2014

We've spent a lot of time reading genre fiction aimed at young women, but this is our first dive into older man crap. Atlantis Found by Clive Cussler is just as disturbing as Twilight but for COMPLETELY different reasons.

Dirk Pitt stars in the 15th book about his adventures fighting evil as a kick-ass marine biologist...

Feb 12, 2014

A dumb action movie has to be just right to be enjoyable. Face/Off is transcendentally fun in so many ways, it makes one want to watch more of them chasing that same thrill. It's a perfect rose that's been waiting for us to pluck it.

Nic Cage and John Travolta star as terrorist/cop who switch faces because... it doesn't...

Feb 6, 2014

A bad pirate movie is like a bad pizza: it's not impossible, but the ingredients were all there and you really shouldn't have messed up something so wonderful. Cutthroat Island is a bad pirate movie.

Geena Davis and Matthew Modine (Bodine?) star is this nonsensical pirate action rom com. Few people are less...