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Read it and Weep

Sep 29, 2011

Fox has always answered the tough questions.  Who is the next American Idol?  What would happen if some people got lost on an Island and then nothing made sense for six seasons?  What would happen if some of the most annoying kids in high school were played by 30 year old broadway stars?

If you've always wanted to know...

Sep 22, 2011

Just look at her mask. You see how crappy that is? How it's weird and you're not sure why anybody thought it was a good idea? That's the whole movie right there.

In 2004, the woman of cat was split off from the Batman franchise, hoping to start a girl-kicking-ass super hero series of it's own. The only thing that got in...

Sep 15, 2011

Kids are so adorable.  They ask questions we aren't brave enough to and they can't tell the difference between dreams and reality.  Small town pastors are so adorable.  They comfort people in their community and can't tell the difference between their kids' dreams and reality.  And they write books about it.

When he was...

Sep 8, 2011

Since the fall of Rome, things for Italy haven't been so hot.  Things are about to get even worse as the cast of Jersey Shore has washed up on the beaches of Florence, ready to run amok.  Hide your bambinos, hide your donnas.

After a glorious first couple of days trying to figure out the European streets, cabs, phones,...

Sep 1, 2011

Good evening and welcome to the worst book ever written, with your host, Spineless McWhinesAlot.  That's right, it's the second half of Stehpenie Meyer's "The Host" and it's like the first part except the sappy ending you've been expecting for hundreds of pages actually happens in this half.

Rather than flounder around...