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Read it and Weep

Jun 29, 2022

We take our first dip into Cronenberg with his movie about twin guy-necologists. It's divisive like black licorice.

In the news: Alex has a new web series about futurism plus our very own feature on Oracle of Bacon.

Next up: Alex travels via Jeremy Irons (either one) to the 1994 classic from the Golden age of Disney...

Jun 23, 2022

Anthony convinces Alex to travel via one Clinton Eastwood to his 1992 revisionist western Unforgiven. 

Next up: Anthony uses a power card to ruin our lives with Cronenberg's Dead Ringers (1988)

Jun 17, 2022

It's Spaghetti Night on the podcast as the boys visit Sergio Leone's classic movie about three shit heads doing crimes in the old west. And we argue mostly about how hot they are.

Jun 9, 2022

Before he made Ocean's 11, Steven Soderbergh made another rom-comy caper film starring George Clooney. This one had Jennifer Lopez and as soon as you don't look at it, it's out of mind. Plus Anthony explains Morbin time and Alex and Ezra announce the Teeny Tiny Grant.

Next up: CHAOS ERUPTS and next week is a...