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Read it and Weep

Sep 8, 2022

Chances are you haven't seen this 80s reincarnation rom-com that's like if Old Boy was an uplifting comedy. It's WILD. Ghost dad is in a random kid's body and he's in love with his former-wife but his daughter is in love with him and so he gets concussed and ends up with his daughter and his wife is just COMPLETELY COOL...

Aug 4, 2022

How should I feel about the ad for the US military that is Top Gun: Maverick? Should I feel better or worse knowing that the movie is a really good movie? We process these questions in real time with (surprise!) another bonus episode about the new movie from the Cruise Missile himself. 

Next up: We're going to (ugh)...

Jul 7, 2022

From oogie and tense to adorable and triumphant, we may be the first people to ever watch Dead Ringers and The Lion King back to back. But both feature terrific performances from Jeremy Irons.

In the news: you can see our first few Teeny Tiny Grant recipients here.

Next up: we're taking a week off while Alex is abroad...

Apr 28, 2022

Anthony's evil plan to make us watch pretty good movies instead of helping people score points. So we watched Ocean's Zero, the George Clooney joint Michael Clayton about the fixer who is broken inside.

Next up: Ezra used a special power card to go back and a week and move via Jim Carrey to Alex's movie The Cable Guy!...

Apr 1, 2022

We go through a Kevin Bacon reset and end up in a 2003 erotic thriller directed by Oscar Winner Jane Campion. It's currently undergoing a reevaluation even as we speak.

Next up: we take a week off the game and watch Drive My Car.