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Read it and Weep

Nov 14, 2012

And with that, it's over. Twilight is over. Unless Stephanie Meyer writes more books, which she's threatened, but WE DO NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS!

Breaking Dawn doesn't end with a climax, like a normal book would. Instead, some tense negotiations lead to everybody getting what they want. Yay! The Twilight series is...

Nov 7, 2012

The first half of Breaking Dawn is bananas. The third quarter is straight comedy.

Bella is a vampire, and this only makes her a more annoying version of herself. She can think about nothing much faster, bite her lip much harder, sigh and whine much more perfectly. Everybody sits around and watches the baby's mind movies...

Nov 18, 2011

Wow.  Stephanie Meyer is all about the creepy in this book.  Every step of the way something new and disgusting happens.  I am almost convinced at this point that the whole Twilight saga was a big joke on the fans. 

Bella's pregnancy is killing her from the inside, but Edward's mind reading ability lets them know that...

Nov 11, 2011

"Breaking Dawn" is the final book in the Twilight saga by Stephanie Meyer.  Unlike the other books, which focused on Bella and Edward moping around and being all emo about nothing, Meyer opts for batshit crazy this time around.

For the first quarter of the book, "Breaking Dawn" follows the wedding nuptials of Edward...