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Read it and Weep

Aug 25, 2022

We're all kindof having a Steve Martin reawakening right now because of Only Murders in the Building, so we traveled through him to a film he wrote and Ms. Piggy Herself directed (Frank Oz). It's the 1999 Hollywood-skewering heartfelt comedy Bowfinger about a group of misfits trying to make a movie. It's got one...

Aug 18, 2022

The constitutional crisis behind us, we plow ahead with Ezra's 5th point scoring movie but with a twist! He gets no points. Instead we just enjoy an 80s comedy that aged better than most and sadly reflect on how little travel has improved in 35 years.

Next up: Anthony sends us via Steve Martin to Bowfinger (1999)

Aug 11, 2022

We’ve sorted through all the potential outcomes of the constitutional crisis kicked off by Ezra’s sneaky but clever play yesterday.

Next up: Planes, Trains And Automobiles (1987)

Aug 10, 2022

It finally happened. Ezra's clever play and good partnerships helped him bring the game around to Alex's nightmare superhero clusterfest that is the last (for now) Avengers movie. Although nobody thinks it's a top-10 film, they still pile on Alex for not liking it.


Aug 4, 2022

How should I feel about the ad for the US military that is Top Gun: Maverick? Should I feel better or worse knowing that the movie is a really good movie? We process these questions in real time with (surprise!) another bonus episode about the new movie from the Cruise Missile himself. 

Next up: We're going to (ugh)...