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Read it and Weep

Sep 27, 2012

Lord of The Rings is pretty good, right? Terry Goodkind thought so too. That's why he ripped it off. For 900 horrible pages.

Richard Cypher is young not important person who is suddenly thrown into a long adventure with the help of his old wizard friend using the magic power handed down to him by Gollum.


Sep 21, 2012

We've reviewed almost everything at this point. Books, movies, TV shows, fan fiction, even the royal wedding. But this week we do something that we've joked about for a long time but never thought we'd have to. This week, a listener took us up on our dare and sponsored some porn.

And not just any porn. It's a...

Sep 13, 2012

Early in the afternoon, on the first day of September, a group of Seattleites wearing wrist bands lined up outside of the Vera Project to see something special.  Yes, it was a live taping of our podcast but more importantly it was a celebration of our second favorite actor of all time, the great Nicolas Cage!

We joined...

Sep 7, 2012

It takes a lot to be crowned "Worst Fan Fic of All Time."  It takes almost too much.  So while My Immortal has held that title for some time, we are the anti-doping body and we're here to investigate.

My Immortal is Harry Potter fan fiction, imagining a world where Harry and the gang are all goth kids that wear eye...