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Read it and Weep

Sep 13, 2012

Early in the afternoon, on the first day of September, a group of Seattleites wearing wrist bands lined up outside of the Vera Project to see something special.  Yes, it was a live taping of our podcast but more importantly it was a celebration of our second favorite actor of all time, the great Nicolas Cage!

We joined together as a community in celebrating three of Nic's finest works: City of Angels, wherein Mr. Cage plays an angel of death determined to have sex with Meg Ryan; Wicker Man, wherein Mr. Cage is murdered by a creepy cult to make the bees happy; and Ghost Rider wherein Mr. Cage... I'm not really sure.  There was a motor cycle and a flaming skull.  That's all I can figure out.

It was such a blast and we really appreciate everybody who came out and saw the show.  We can't wait to do another live show.