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Read it and Weep

Sep 29, 2011

Fox has always answered the tough questions.  Who is the next American Idol?  What would happen if some people got lost on an Island and then nothing made sense for six seasons?  What would happen if some of the most annoying kids in high school were played by 30 year old broadway stars?

If you've always wanted to know the answer to that last one, Glee is the show for you.  A group of super attractive and talented "misfits" fight for social survival through the power of pop songs, covered by Broadway singers and available on iTunes for a small fee.  They sing, they dance, they go to New York to sing and dance, they put purple pianos around the school and then sing and dance.  They have crazy love triangles that can only be solved by singing and dancing.

Since the show is so low concept, we decide to go the other way by creating some high concepts of our own: "unflinchingly neutral" "orchestral Gulag", and the ingenious "outuendo."  Want to know more?  Then strap in for a gleediculous ride.