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Read it and Weep

Sep 10, 2010

Several fans asked to get this song as a separate file and full lyrics. Unlike Space Shark, I live to serve. -Alex (aka MC 'e')

------ Singing / Yelling -----
Space Shark! Space Shark!

Space Shark! Space Shark!

He’s a friend to all and a ruthless killer.  Space Shark!

He’s a sci-fi action comic thriller. Space Shark!

NASA tried to shoot him but the missile was a dud.  Space Shark!

He frolics with space kittens and he thirsts for your blood. Space Shark!

Space Shark!  Oooo oooo ooo.  Space Shark!

Space Shark!  Oooo oooo ooo.  Space Shark!  

Oooo oooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo.

------ Rap Breakdown -----

What’s that up there?  Do you see it?  Hark!
Is it a bird or a plane? No it’s motherfucking space shark.
telescope, watch him move across the sky
He never stops moving otherwise he’ll die

It’s the Space Shark duality, benevolent depravity
Flying and killing, without the pull of gravity
He lurks around you in your space station
He’s about to get all up in your international face-tion

Nothing can beat his shark mystique
In space, it’s always motherfucking shark week
Bubble helmeted, mustachioed
When Space Shark goes out, he’s a classy ho

If you want to stay out of trouble
Don’t tap the glass on his helmet bubble
Never moon walk after dark.
If you can avoid it, don’t bleed around Space Shark

If you’ve got to go out, use the buddy system
And if you rap don’t ever dis him
He’s your best friend, if you don’t provoke
If you start some shit, you’ll need a bigger space boat

Look out above and underneath
‘cause there’s fish out of water with serrated teeth
Tail thrusters and a dorsal fin.
Don’t arm wrestle with him ‘cause of course he’ll win!

Space Shark!