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Read it and Weep

Jul 29, 2011

Three out of four podcasters agree: this is the best book they've read on this show. Take a badass female lead, and place her in a futuristic dystopia with equal parts Miss Congeniality and Battle Royale. The result is totally enjoyable. Alex is reserving judgment until the end of the book, but we might be giving out our first favorable review. Hell, commence freezing.

Luckily we have some help to keep this lovefest interesting. Food writer Gabi Moskowitz of BrokeAss Gourmet gives us some helpful pointer on what food to eat in a sadistic reality TV show while on a budget.

We have recipes for the hearts of your enemies, sterilized water pairings to go with with raw bone marrow, and tear-cured rabbit. You won't want to miss it. (And if you just listen to the episode like you were already planning on doing, you won't.)

Rounding out the team is Matt Aliabadi, last seen shaking with rage after Sweet Little Lies. His extensive knowledge of Victorian literature and Star Trek: The Next Generation proves to be invaluable.