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Read it and Weep

Jul 30, 2012

The time: the past.  Or is it?  The setting: a cave man village.  And a desert.  And a space island.  The hero: Yor.  That last one I'm actually certain of.

Yor is a beautiful blond man who can do it all: kill a dinosaur, save a village, marry two women at the same time.  Beyond that, I'm not really certain of anything that happened.  Yor (the movie) is as horrible as Yor (the character) is awesome.  It's a train wreck.

The fun part (aside from Yor's abs) is watching this cave man navigate in a confusing world.  How will he handle discoveries about his past?  How will he handle his wife's jealousy of his other wife?  How will he handle finding out that he's not in the past, he's in the future and most of civilization has died off from nuclear war which somehow caused dinosaurs to come back?

Joining us to disect this tragedy is Gabriel Rutledge, the awesome touring comedian who you may recognize from and Comedy Central's Live At Gotham.  He's also got a very entertaining podcast in which him and his wife overshare.