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Read it and Weep

Aug 6, 2011

Welcome to the exciting conclusion of The Hunger Games! Death! Romance! Lamb stew with plums!

Unfortunately, Alex couldn't make this episode, so Chris and Ezra boot up their invention, the Alexbot, to take his place. It speaks in 1s, 0s, and HATE.
But Alexbot's robotic sarcasm isn't nearly enough to counter how likable The Hunger Games was. There's a bloody mess, zombie dogs, psychedelic bees, and a love triangle that's only somewhat tacked on.
Joining us for the first bit of gender balance ever are Destinee and Lisa. Destinee, of course, is a children's librarian, and famously impersonated two different versions of God in our episode on the Shack.
Fan-favorite Lisa is now an expert on child psychology, so we pick her brain on how best to train kids to become ruthless killing machines.
Also, "Shut up and eat your pears" is the new "I love you." Start using it now.