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Read it and Weep

Mar 26, 2013

Just like Atlas Shrugged the book drags on for far too long, so does the movie series. Despite the first movie being universally panned and losing a ton of money, the producers went ahead with plans to make a sequel. Since they can't change the source material (the source of all their problems), they decided to focus on recasting the movie with a whole new crop of actors. A sequel with no distribution and no returning cast members? These guys are on the fast train to the top!

Dagny Taggart, now 15 years older and a blond, picks up right where she left on movie 1: fighting the good fight against the government and the moochers who are holding back real Americans who just want to make as much money as possible regardless of who it hurts. Along the way her fellow job creator / rapist (well, in the movie it's all consensual but it wasn't in the book) Hank Rearden, they keep businessing their business all over the place. Meanwhile, a mysterious man is kidnapping successful people. Drama? Nope. Something about a plane crash and then... we'll just have to wait for the final movie.

Given that Ayn Rand celebrates people who are good at their jobs, it's amazing to watch two movies be made so incompetently based on her book which is itself incompetently written. Nobody involved in this production would be allowed to go Capitalist Heaven in Denver. Nobody.