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Read it and Weep

Dec 19, 2013

Since losing the 2008 presidential election and almost completing a full term as governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin has remained on the edge of the national consciousness. She's like America's racist aunt; not evil, just painfully ignorant and around the holidays she usually opens her mouth and says something embarrassing.

For her newest book, Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting The Heart of Christmas, a team of ghost writers produced a couple hundred pages about The War on Christmas, a horrible war that doesn't actually exist. It's an amazing work that reads like an exam question in Logical Fallacies 101. Can you find all 50 fallacies? Don't try. Your brain will turn to mush.

We push through the mushy brains and discuss the world of Google Trends and bears. It's fun. Merry Holidays to all of you, and may your new year be completely free of Palin books!