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Read it and Weep

Sep 5, 2013

Some girl with no redeeming characteristics finds out she's secretly a magical hero and, as usual, there are no responsible adults in this world so she has to save the world alone. We are the generation of the idiot hero. Oh and she's also in love with her brother who might not be her brother.

This time, angels and demons are real (plus vampires and warlocks for good measure) and locked in a never ending battle for a cup, I think. The cup makes more demon-slayers but it also makes demon slayers stronger but it also is highly regulated by the demon-slayer beaurocracy but you also have to put your own blood into it and then drink that so maybe the power is actually coming from you in the first place. It really is a confusing mess and that's why nobody saw it in theaters.

New guest Caitlin Gill joins us to talk about this pile of trash and helps us sort through even the most confusing moments using her Rune of Humor.