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Read it and Weep

Jul 10, 2013

You know how they say if you do something you love as a job it stops being fun? They're right. I watched two hours of boobs for this podcast and by the end, I was completely bored.

Showgirls is the weirdest assignment we've ever gotten. Apparently our sponsor was going to sponsor Fifty Shades Darker but we did it on our own so she chose this. Really? You could have assigned us 20 hours of torture or 2 hours of boobs? How is this a difficult choice?

That's not to say this was an easy watch. Sure, there were lots of boobs, but the movie was a slog. Especially awful was the COMPLETELY UNRELATED TO THE PLOT gang rape scene near the end. If you're watching along at home, definitely stop 20 minutes short of the end. You haven't missed anything.

And feel free to sponsor more movies that are NC-17 for nudity. That would be fine.