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Read it and Weep

Sep 15, 2022

A guy who's good at fighting and a horny guy go on a racially insensitive journey across the world. There are two Jackie Chan stunts that briefly make the movie watchable but overall, it's clearly the worst movie we've seen all year.

Next up: the scoring bonanza (for everybody but Alex) kicks off with Ezra's 5th...

Sep 30, 2021

Alex is in Portland this week recording his debut comedy album (Saturday Oct. 2nd at Mississippi Studios) so the boys talked about what it takes to make a hit and keep the band together with Thomas The Hank Engine's directorial debut about a group of...

Jun 30, 2021

We assemble a mega-panel to discuss the new Fast & Furious movie F9 featuring Johnathan Cena, space, and magnets.

Apr 8, 2021

It's officially Oscars season and we're kicking it off with two movies from Netflix with directors who write robotic, clever characters.

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