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Read it and Weep

Jan 25, 2017

We've loved Sherlock since the beginning, but there have been occasional moments of doubt. Season 4 has gotten some doubt-filled reviews, so we jumped in not entirely sure what to expect.

An expert panel never before assembled, we talk about which parts of Sherlock Season 4 stand up to scrutiny and which aren't. And one...

Jan 18, 2017

It's the movie that lost Paramount over $100 million before they even released it!

It's the movie pitched by a 4-year-old!

It's the movie that terrified the test audiences and had to be almost completely re-shot.

It's Monster Trucks!

It's also a movie with a decent cast that isn't used very well and a couple of...

Jan 12, 2017

When we went to see Episode 7 last year, we signed a death pact with Disney, one that said that we're going to get a new Star Wars movie every year until long after we're all dead and the Earth is a burnt-out wasteland. Rogue One is Disney delivering on that deal.

It's not bad, obviously. It might even be good. But it's...

Jan 4, 2017

It's New Year's Eve 2011 in New York City and a mysterious infection has struck 40 or so low-level movie stars, forcing them to be in a film whose whole premise is that New Year's Eve is super important.

The ensemble cast sleepwalks through two hours of wacky NYE plots including "future lovers stuck in elevator" and...