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Read it and Weep

Jun 26, 2019

When you're not old enough for bars, finding a place to hang out at night can be tricky. But one reliable place is Denny's. Sure, it's not better than literally any other restaurant, but it's better than a Walmart parking lot. So does the experience of hanging out at Denny's hold up? Find out!

New Denny's Slogans

Jun 19, 2019

I wasn't allowed much fast food as a kid, so a classic activity from my youth was driving to Carl's Junior (pronounced "Hardees" by east coasters), cramming a full 2,000 calorie meal in the middle of the afternoon, and then pretending I was still hungry when I got home for dinner. Other people got more fast food as...

Jun 12, 2019

The summer of fun continues with a classic activity from our youths: hanging out at the mall. Whether you're drinking smoothies or playing the games at Game Stop or stealing earrings from Claire's, it was a part of so many summers. But does it hold up? We brought in mall expert Paige Weldon to find out.


Jun 5, 2019

It's June, so it's time to kick of Read it and Weep's Summer of Fun! We're doing a bunch of stuff we used to do during the summer as kids and checking to see if it holds up. First up, we're going bowling! Grab your dorky shoes and let's get a lane.

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