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Read it and Weep

Mar 24, 2010

It doesn't take much to get a book contract. Or a TV show. Or a movie deal. Or, in the case of Lauren Conrad, all three. Apparently, it mostly just takes being an idiot. But in a land where idiots write books, three heroes (and their slightly crippled, TV watching side-kick) have what it takes to stand up and take pot...

Mar 17, 2010

The Tim Burton Machine keeps on turning. This week we're joined by famed running blogger Colleen Smith. Episode highlights include:

  • Business casual executions.
  • Did you eat the Queen's Tart?
  • How to tell if your suitor's a douchebag.
  • Lightning Bonus Round!
  • And eating disorders: the true meaning of Alice in Wonderland.

Mar 10, 2010

Yeah, they made a movie of it too. This week we're joined by comedian Tim Dufrisne. Episode highlights include:

  • A hydra chewing its cud.
  • Is Pierce Brosnan the worst James Bond of all time?
  • Ezra is smarter than you.
  • Lightning Bonus Round (including the battle of the century: Hades vs Smokey The Bear)
  • Seriously, is...

Mar 5, 2010

Although we've had some arguments amongst ourselves and with our fans as to whether this is actually terrible, or just run-of-the-mill bad, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief has definitely earned its place on the show. We take it down with the efficiency of a copyrighted video on YouTube....