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Read it and Weep

Jan 26, 2011

Every so often a book comes along that's so moving, we can't help but get involved. We didn't know going in that The 4-Hour Body was destined to be that book, but it was. Rather than just reviewing it, we're trying on some of the recomendations for a full month. You can follow our progress at Body By


Jan 20, 2011

For our first ever live show we tackled three great Keanu Reeves movies.  This is the unedited recording of the night's festivities.  Special thanks to Pat and everybody at ComedySportz Portland for the hospitality.

Jan 12, 2011

The first half of this book was mostly boring and dumb, but in the second part, L. Ron decides to go full-on gross. No joke, Dianetics is almost entirely about abortion. It's messed up.

We do our best to fight through Hubbard's disgusting imagination by... totally giving in to it. We introduce our new breakout character...

Jan 6, 2011

Dianetics is bullshit. Summary completed. Oh, you want more than that?  Okay. In this episode we take on L. Ron Hubbard's work of idiotology. We use his fake discovery, "engrams," to make each other do silly things. We invite L. Ron on the show to defend his book in The Writers' Room. And now, a...