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Read it and Weep

May 19, 2010

Beaten into submission by this sugary wasteland, the boys try their best to finish the book while holding onto their dignity, sanity, and non-valley girl accents. Will Jane and Jesse be 2gthr 4vr? Will Jane and Scar be BFFs again? And OMG, does Madison have a blackmailer? LOL with them before crying when you realize...

May 12, 2010

If there's one book that deserved a sequel it had to be L.A. Candy, right? Or alternatively, ANYTHING ELSE. Sadly, if Lauren Conrad keeps "writing" it, we have to keep reading it.

  • Hate Shuffleboard!
  • New segment: The Book Club!
  • Intellectual references to Jean Baudrillard and Edward Said!
  • An obscure reference to a