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Read it and Weep

Jul 22, 2015

Oh my god, you guys. This is our 300th episode. That's so many!

To celebrate we reviewed our first 299 episodes, specifically the top 10 episodes as voted by our fans, making up our newly announced Starter Pack! And then we played a gigantic game of Top 5 (more like Bottom All). Thank you so much for asking us questions...

Jul 17, 2013

There's been a horrible mistake. Somehow, on this epic day, the 200th epiversary of our podcast, something has gone horribly wrong. Everybody is missing and the backup team has to come in on short notice.

And that's how we start down the rabbit hole for our most meta episode to date. It's a wild ride complete with dick

Jun 30, 2011

Hax0red!  The podcast has been hacked and replaced with a fan podcast, Hear it and Laugh.  Super-fans Aleks Shindig, Andrea Sickles, and Anna Chandler invite self-promoter Stephen Carter on to talk about the first 99 episodes of Read it and Weep and to hear their favorite and least favorite clips from the show.


Jul 21, 2010

We finally give the first three episodes of our show the thrashing they deserve. Complete with compliments and hates, this is the most self reflection we've ever done. Episode highlights include:

  • We almost kill a man with our humor.
  • The origins of us eating on the show (with a clip from our first radio show...