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Read it and Weep

Sep 26, 2014

The year is 1986, the problem is the cold war, the solution is a giant talking war robots. It's all well and good until one of those war robots accidentally gains sentience and starts making friends with the locals after a lightning strike causes him to Short Circuit!

Like a lot of things, it's flawless if you ignore...

Sep 18, 2014

Everybody knows the story of Robin Hood: a wiley young fox stealing from king lion and a his servant snake to give to the other creatures of the forest. It's a good story and what it didn't need was a dour remake starring Gladiator.

But such a thing does exist. It's got all the right pieces, good actors, good director,...

Sep 11, 2014

Computer animation in the 90s was so bad, the creators of Veggie Tales opted for vegetables because they were easier to draw than people. The primitive animation also smoothed over all the slavery in the Old Testament.

We sat down with Angela Webber, one half of the nerd-folk band The Doubleclicks, to talk about her...

Sep 4, 2014

If there's a crime in Baltimore, The Wire will solve it. If there's a crime ripped from the headlines, Law & Order will solve it. If there's a crime involving Germanic animals, Grimm will solve it. But if there's a crime involving a Marine's body falling out of the sky, you need the fine folks at NCIS.

N.C.I.S. is the...