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Read it and Weep

Sep 27, 2017

We're strong. Sure, we're not rap strong or pop punk strong, but we're strong. But then this movie shook us to our very core.

Nah, that's not really true. But if Country Strong means putting up with a sloppy plot, lackluster acting, and some of the worst fake guitar playing in movie history, than we are weak. Fortunately we assembled a panel with plenty of musical experience to tackle this dissonant movie. Angela Webber is half of the nerd-folk sensation The Double Clicks and Tess Falcone works for bands like Weezer and Ben Folds (in addition to being Alex's sister).

A million thank yous to Jess from Newburyport (or Narnia, hard to say) for sponsoring this episode as well as Charusheela the Chemist for becoming a Meat Buddy!

Thanks for a great Sponstember and we'll see you in Dwayne "The Rocktober" Johnstober.