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Read it and Weep

Aug 16, 2012

In our most specific topic selection to date, we dive into three movies featuring rappers-turned-actors with Ice in their names.  Vanilla Ice melts our hearts in Cool as Ice.  Ice Cube is solid in xXx: State of the Union, and Ice-T is totally chill in Tank Girl... where he plays a kangaroo with a $5,000 dick.

It's hard to say which is our favorite.  V Ice is amazing in his 90s pants and his reckless acting.  The movie makes about as much sense as the song "Ice Ice Baby" and is much longer.  But there's something about him that's so bad it's good.  Ice Cube is hard to like but fun to root for.  Vin Diesel turned down the xXx sequel, so Cube jumps in as the secret agent with a bad attitude.  And then some gangstas in souped up cars save America.  Tank Girl is a train wreck and Ice-T is barely in it.  But just like with the aforementioned kangaroo schlong, you can't look away.

It's joy on the rocks in this week's episode.

If you've got an idea for an ultra-specific movie marathon, let us know in the comments!