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Read it and Weep

Dec 22, 2022

IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THIS! Well maybe it doesn't since weather prevented Hunter from joining us today. But we watched his movie choice anyway, the Tom Cruise orgy movie Eyes Wide Shut and it was a fun chat.

Plus in the news, Tom Cruise jumped off a thing.

Next up: That's a wrap on season 5! We'll do a post mortem...

Dec 16, 2022

After much controversy, we travel back to PT Anderson's 1992 epic about chance and fate, Magnolia. It earns a pretty high place on our list of best films of all time.

Plus in the news, Alex's video finally worked.

Next up: Controversy continues and that ends in the weirdest way possible, and we're traveling through the...

Dec 8, 2022

Our second Batman movie of season 5 is also our third time visiting the 90s Batman series and it's probably our best stop on the bat train. 

Plus in the news, Alex is performing in Austin, TX next week and Santa is a conspiracy.

Next up: After a LOT of rules lawyering, we're watching Magnolia...

Dec 1, 2022

Alex chooses Anthony's movie and Anthony chooses violence.

Plus in the news, a very important month is over, Alex posts a video, and the Wall Safe Wallsafe is on sale now.

Next up: Ezra moves through Danny DeVito to Batman Returns.

Nov 23, 2022

Hunter had to leave for the Holidays early so we did a special bonus about the just-wrapped Disney+ Star Wars series Andor. Alex is less enthusiastic than the others would like but it's always nice to talk about how George Lucas sucks.

Plus in the news, Disney switches Bobs and donuts get real.

Next up: We finally watch...