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Read it and Weep

Nov 4, 2011

Reviewing Wild Animus did something strange to us.  For the first time, a book was so bad, we actually felt bad for the author.  Then we remembered we had to sit through 10 hours of nonsensical, acid washed audiobook.  And we were angry.  Then we noticed that Rich Shapero only had 32 fans on Facebook.  And we felt bad again.  Then we remembered he's giving the book away for free and it makes a good doorstop.  So we felt better.

Wild Animus follows the journey of bat-shit crazy kid with a bit too much charisma for his own good.  He seduces a young woman while attending school at UC Berkeley and convinces her to work full time as a waitress and give him all the money she makes so he can climb dangerous mountains in Alaska while high on acid and dressed like a sheep.  For hundreds of pages, he dances around the mountain in his wool helmet, popping LSD like they were survival rations.  All the while, he tries to write a terrible book about wolves and sheep named, you guessed it, Wild Animus.  Finally, nobody is changed and everybody is exactly the same and the book ends.

They don't teach you this in school, but it's important to remember.  Don't do drugs because it might make you think the book you wrote about sheep is good enough to publish.  And it's not.