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Read it and Weep

Jul 13, 2017

Revisit Month continues with a return to our very first sponsored Topic. Wild Animus is a book that nobody wants to buy, but thanks to Rich Shapero giving away hundreds of thousands of copies, many people have touched it. And it's touched us; hundreds of episodes later, it's still one of the most painful books we've ever read.

This time around we've got a slightly different panel that offers a very different take. Well, we all still hate it, but this time at least we had one guest who's tried acid.

To jog your memory: Ransome is a the self-named main character who does acid and runs around Alaska pretending to be a sheep until he dies. His girlfriend pays for all of this by working two jobs. And we pay for all of it with 10 hours of our lives lost FOR A SECOND TIME.

Bonus: Here's the 5-star review I wrote on Aminazon last time around.