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Read it and Weep

Apr 11, 2012

In 1997, James Cameron made a movie. In 1999, when the third act was finally over, people went home pissed.

If there was one thing you might suggest was wrong with Titanic, you might say "the dialog" or "the pacing."  You might even say something like "the characters aren't believable."  In fact, you could probably list problems for hours before you'd come to "it was only in 2D."  Well, Cameron decided to fix only that "problem" in his release to mark the centennial of the worst disaster to ever lead to a movie with Kate Winslet's nipple in it.

Fortunately, the best parts of the movie remain as well: the aforementioned nipple, Kate Winslet's face, her figure in a period dress, and everything about Leo DiCaprio except his acting.  Really, there are worse ways to spend 7.5 hours than watching Titanic 3D.  But I wouldn't recommend them.

Oh!  I almost forgot.  This episode also contains an interview with Titanic expert and author of The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane, Katherine Howe.  For the first time, we get to interview the author of a book WE MADE FUN OF!  Besides being a terrific human being, she's also got a new book out that has Titanic elements and themes in it.  So please go out and buy The House of Velvet and Glass.