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Read it and Weep

Sep 26, 2013

It's important for any book to have a moral, but this week's book has a few. [1] A little bullying goes a long way. [2] Even in Africa, being white is pretty good. and [3] Always go with strange men, they only want to help you become a genius.

The Power of One explores these ideas set over the backdrop of apartheid South Africa. But while apartheid may sound like bummertown, don't worry! It almost never comes up! Sure, the main character fixes racism everywhere through his great boxing and pet chicken, but other than that, it's not even an issue. You know why? Because being white is awesome. That's what Bryce Courtenay really wants you to know.

PK, a young English boy with a tiny penis (it's important) gets picked on as a kid and that turns him into an incredible human being, a genius, and the best boxer in the world. He tries his hand at mining, then goes back to being great at everything! He even signs a boys arm. How nice!

Thanks to Winston for sponsoring this episode. I hope it was everything you ever dreamed of.