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Read it and Weep

Aug 26, 2010

Whoa. Thank goodness I found you when I did. The world is out of control. Boys are hitting on girls they're not married to, the tax code is too long to read in a single sitting, and the police are arresting people for getting together with groups of like minded people to drink shitty American beer. Where's the line between fact and fiction in Glenn Beck's alleged thriller, "The Overton Window"? Just like the plot, it's murky. Episode highlights include:

  • Fact + fiction = faction. Jelly + ham = jam.
  • We compile a staggering list of things Glenn Beck doesn't understand. From Turbo Tax to clothing sizes.
  • A special phone call from Admiral Compost
  • And much more!

Today's guest is Dru Johnston and he makes very funny videos on the Internet.