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Read it and Weep

Mar 28, 2012

In the year 2 thousand and a while from now, a tyrannical government keeps its people in line by forcing their children to fight to the death, showing those fights on TV, and by using shaky cameras and quick cuts to make sure everybody watching will be a bit sick.

But the future isn't all bad.  Novelty facial hair abounds, the food looks pretty tasty, and there's plentiful high speed rail.  Even the death matches aren't all bad; the kids are beautiful and have great make-up that doesn't smudge even during the fiercest battles.

Since the movie was pretty good, we decided to invert our normal format.  We start and end with a hate sandwich and play a compliment game in the middle.  We also bring back Gabi Moskowitz, the editor-in-chief of Broke Ass Gourmet, the blog and cook book about eating great on a tight budget, and ask her questions about the future of food.  And cooking with land mines.