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Read it and Weep

Nov 30, 2016

It was a major US holiday last week, so we decided to just catch up as friends. We talked what we're reading/watching outside of the show, what we're digging, and how we're cooking pasta. Let us know if you give a shit about any of this!

Some stuff we talked about:

Here is the pasta article:

Here is the book Chris read and liked (Ancillary Justice):

Here is the video game Chris is digging (Uncharted 4):

Here is a link to a TV that might be Ezra's TV:

Here's the book we all read about pasta water (Heat)

Here's The Awl's Holiday Dread Series: Being The Mom

The Three Caballeros: The Aracuan

Here is a picture of the type of bag Tanya was sent in the mail.

Also the site Tanya ordered some lovely magazines from: It's Nice That