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Read it and Weep

Sep 11, 2013

If you're wondering what makes a perfect sponsored topic, it's this: plenty to make fun of, not very long, and characters having sex while flying on the back of giant eagles. This book is a perfect sponsored topic.

The Tarnsman of Gor is about an Englishman who goes camping in the United States, is captured by aliens, agrees to lead an army of those aliens against other aliens, finds true love, and then gets sent back to earth. Englishmen, it turns out, are game for almost anything. 

It's also about the Counter Earth, an earth that is an awful lot like Normal Earth in the 1600s but with more "pleasure slaves" and giant eagles (called tarns). It's a stupid place, really. In this episode we discuss numerous ways the Counter Earth could be better, which giant animals would be most fun to have sex above (not with), and why John Norman is so obsessed with the letter R.