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Read it and Weep

Mar 14, 2014

Two great tastes that taste great together is what I would say about William Shakespeare's Star Wars if it was a peanut butter cup. But it's not. It's two good tastes that are kinda funny together but not for more than five minutes.

Instead, Ian Doescher takes this funny idea and stretches it out further than a dollar can be stretched on (or the logic of this joke can be stretched for us to make buck). He retells THE ENTIRETY of A New Hope in iambic pentameter with lots of hidden references along the way to great works from the Bard. It's fine. It really is. It's just too much.

We send this episode (and our best wishes for a speedy recovery) to our friends Zach and Ashley Adair who were struck by a car a couple months back. If you'd like to donate to their medical bills, you can here: Thanks! Get well you guys!