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Read it and Weep

Apr 4, 2012

Sarah Palin is the subject of much scorn from the liberal media; they call her stupid, dishonest, crazy, and extremist.  This movie sets out to defend her by being all those things and also boring.

Stephen K. Bannon's film watches like a Sarah Palin stalker film.  She doesn't appear in it voluntarily, but instead he uses her audiobook to provide narration AS IF she was helping with the movie.  Then, he uses hundreds of stock-footage clips to make up the visuals, thus managing to produce the entire thing with iMovie and a membership to  The slap-dash production only adds to the insane feeling of the whole project, but the crowning achievement of the movie is completely skipping over the fact that her and Senator John McCain lost the election in 2008.  It focuses on her time as governor and her popular campaign appearances, but then takes an abrupt lunch break during results time.