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Read it and Weep

May 29, 2019

Despite the show being on since the dawn civilization, I'd never watched a single minute of it. So on the consensus of the Meat Buddies who voted, it was time I tried it out. We watched the 6-episode arc "The Genesis of the Daleks" so at least I would understand why I keep seeing those bumpy trashcan robots in various memes.

Mentioned in this episode

  • Anthony's razor: "If you don't understand the function of an object, it is probably a weird sex thing."
  • Libraries are great! If you aren't already convinced, check out the 99% Invisible episode about them.
  • "Does it staple?" is the new "Does it fuck?"
  • Is the name "Gum shippers" better than Meat Buddies? Let us know.
  • Kerfuffle!