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Read it and Weep

Dec 16, 2016

Netflix thought Tanya would give this movie 4 stars.

Sure, it's a Christmas movie written by interns, shot in Palo Alto in the middle of summer, and produced in 3 days. But Netflix thought Tanya would like it because she likes cheesy movies. Maybe not this cheesy though.

Kayla is engaged to a super famous choreographer (I know!) but it's not going well because his fake British accent is too annoying. Then a magic/cursed elevator (really!) forces her to kiss a charming chef with a surprising number of platonic female friends and together they get a dog. Homeless Santa doesn't help much a group of time traveling robots caught in a Christmas loop serenade them. That's the book?

Anyway, happy holidays, everybody. We'll be off for a couple weeks after this and we'll miss you.