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Read it and Weep

Sep 8, 2011

Since the fall of Rome, things for Italy haven't been so hot.  Things are about to get even worse as the cast of Jersey Shore has washed up on the beaches of Florence, ready to run amok.  Hide your bambinos, hide your donnas.

After a glorious first couple of days trying to figure out the European streets, cabs, phones, and power outlets, the cast of New Jersey's most disgusting export gets back down to business.  Drinking, screwing, and fighting.  While The Situation tries to three-some the two-some from Florida (twins!), Ron and Sammi get together and break up, Deena falls down a lot, and Pauly D and Vinny continue to be likable and amusing.

Don't be surprised if these are the last Americans ever welcome in the beautiful nation of Italia.