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Read it and Weep

Jan 22, 2015

Grown Ups 2 is a bad sequel to a bad movie, made almost entirely of poop jokes and sexism. But that alone wouldn't elevate it to the pantheon of bad-movie pop culture. What did that was two brave men and their painful journey to become podcast legends.

Tim Batt and Guy Montgomery are comedians from New Zealand who set out to make a whole new kind of bad-movie podcast. Rather than jumping from topic to topic each week (like we do), they created The Worst Idea Of All Time by watching the same movie, Grown Ups 2, every week for a year. Every week. I watched it once and almost passed out from the pain, but they do it every week. And it's amazing. The result is beautiful and strange and hilarious.

We didn't make them watch it again for our show, but their 47 times (and counting) was more than enough for them to share more wisdom about the film than anybody involved in it knows. Listen to this and then go back and listen to their show. You won't be disappointed.

H/T to Anders for pointing Tim and Guy out to us.