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Read it and Weep

Oct 9, 2014

Drew Barrymore had to break out of her type casting as a child actor who could only do cute movies. After Doppleganger, everybody knew she had range; she could also be in completely insane movies.

Doppl follows a woman who killed her parents as she gets in wacky adventures with her new roommate. All the fun comes crashing down when her doctor reveals he's been impersonating her and everybody else using a series of rubber masks and then Barrymore one-ups that be showing she's actually two identical alien worms with sword-hands. Yes, that's a faithful summary of the movie. It's weird.

Thanks to Lauren for sponsoring and also for pointing out that members of the cloth (is that what they're called?) also listen to our show!

And Portland wishes goodbye to Shane Torres who does a great radio show where he interviews artists about their day jobs.