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Read it and Weep

Nov 14, 2012

And with that, it's over. Twilight is over. Unless Stephanie Meyer writes more books, which she's threatened, but WE DO NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS!

Breaking Dawn doesn't end with a climax, like a normal book would. Instead, some tense negotiations lead to everybody getting what they want. Yay! The Twilight series is like March. It comes in like a sad lion at the zoo and goes out like a sad lion at a zoo.

In other news, Bella has a baby and they're both allowed to live (?) which means she's super happy and nobody in the story has grown or changed except Charlie's mustache which has grown a bit but was trimmed back to avoid it changing. GOD I HATE THIS SERIES.

Twilight, it is with that I say to you, goodbye, good riddance, R.I.P., and yuck.