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Read it and Weep

Nov 18, 2011

Wow.  Stephanie Meyer is all about the creepy in this book.  Every step of the way something new and disgusting happens.  I am almost convinced at this point that the whole Twilight saga was a big joke on the fans. 

Bella's pregnancy is killing her from the inside, but Edward's mind reading ability lets them know that the alien baby loves them both.  Since his plans to trade Bella's monogamy for an abortion didn't pan out, Edward Cullen focuses on making Bella and the alien baby healthier by having them drink human blood.

Not to be outdone, Jacob drives to Seattle to find love.  When that brilliant plan doesn't pan out, he returns just in time for Bella to give birth.  Edward chews through the placenta and Jacob falls in love with the newborn.  Which is grosser?  You decide.

Wife swapping, baby dating, placenta chewing, Bella's personality.  It's a multi-way race for most disgusting thing Stephanie Meyer has ever come up with.

Oh, and Bella gets turned into a vampire and the pacing gets even worse.