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Read it and Weep

Feb 28, 2013

You know how if you see a family in an airport or a restaurant with 3 kids you start to wonder, "Are they starting a cult or something?" In the case of the Duggars they have 19 kids (give or take) and the answer is yes. Yes they are.

The Duggar family lives in Arkansas and they made a pact to "let God decide the number and timing" of their pregnancies. Of course, they're still choosing when to have sex, and God has responded by deciding "lots" and "all the time." They're part of a creepy religious movement called quivering in which lunatic Super Christians create entire softball teams out of their own wombs.

Just like every family that is at the top of their game, the Duggars got a show on TLC where they hang out and have lots of kids everywhere. It's not exciting, it's more than a little disturbing, and sometimes it's just an hour-long commercial for a hotel in the south. Watch what happens. Maybe you'll learn something (like just how badly you want a vasectomy).