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Read it and Weep

Jul 5, 2012

One day you wake up in a serene island village.  You don't have to work, the taxis are clean and prompt, the food is good, and they play chess with humans.  Sounds awesome, right?  The only catch is you can never leave because if you try, a weather balloon will kick your ass.

That's the predicament of #6, our hero, who retired from being a spy only to be kidnapped and held prisoner on an improbably expensive torture-island.  In each episode #6 makes a pathetic attempt to escape while refusing to sell out his country to a rotating group of interrogators.  The Prisoner is chock full of 1906s awesomeness from satire of the press to psychedelic drugs and outfits to fear of computers. 

Although everybody on the panel liked the show at least a little, our requested guest Stephen has the especially difficult task of making fun of one of his favorite shows of all time.  It's delightful and weird, just like he is.